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New designs coming soon

So, after a few recent requests, I did some prototyping today. One of  the new ideas is simple: It’s just a phone pouch for bigger phones like the Samsung Note and the Iphone 6 and 7 Pluses. The measurements for the pouch will be 3″ wide by 6 1/2″ tall by 1″ deep, and is tested to work with a Note 5 in a case, and a Iphone 6 Plus just fine. This one is just a scaled version of a design I already have, and so I will put it up for sale now for all you folks who’ve been asking about it.Thanks so much to all of you for the input!

The other new product is a boxy tool bag design I’ve been thinking of, which is basically a dopp kit bag made from cordura with a tarp liner. On the prototype I used some brass YKK zipper that I had, but i think I’ll likely use YKK waterproof zipper in the end. This first one was  about 9″long by 5″ high by 4″ deep, which feels like a good size to me. I’ll do a little playing around with the design, and report back in a few days!